WOMed product portfolio

WOmed radiotherapy treatment machines have been successfully used in humans around the world. Being capable of penetrating to an effective treatment depth of a few mms to a few cms for the treatment of superficial and semi-superficial lesions they may be particularly suited for the treatment of animals. With their lesser penetrating power compared to the x-rays of linear accelerators, WOmed devices can be used for treating small animals and superficial lesions of large animals.

WOmed devices are mobile and their reduced requirement for radiation shielding compared to linear accelerators, means they are particularly suited to varied veterinary settings including intra-operative radiotherapy. The machines are available in a range of energies and hence effective penetrating depths.

The ioRT-50 machine can be effectively used for intra-operative radiotherapy, where the applicator is placed in direct contact with the malignant lesion at the time of surgery.

The technical information below is generic for human and veterinary use, so please contact us directly to explore the options that may benefit your practice.

The WOmed product portfolio includes the T-105 which is designed for superficial X-ray therapy in a range of 10 to 100 kV, and consists of a mobile cart with mounted stand and tube head. The T-300, T-200, and T-160 series of devices can be used in superficial, intermediate and deep radiation therapy, in the voltage range of 15 to 300 kV, depending on the system, and thus meet the latest clinical requirements. The ioRT-50 system extends the range of devices for conventional radiotherapy by a further system for superficial therapy which additionally provides intraoperative x-ray therapy. It has a maximum tube voltage of 70 kV.

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