Thermoplastic and Bolus

Thermoplastic masks and plate

Low temperature thermoplastics are widely used for the immobilisation of small animals during radiotherapy treatment. Through joint cooperation, MacroMedics® and a leading thermoplastics manufacturer have designed MacroCast, a new line of thermoplastic offering high rigidity and minimal shrinkage, with near transparency while processing the material.

MacroCast provides excellent reproducibility during treatment and is available in a variety of perforations, and coatings, both with and without profiles attached.

MacroCast material has both perforated and non-perforated options. The non-perforated material offers ‘clear-control’ characteristics during moulding, allowing controlled surface contact in critical regions. The semi-transparency of the material allows for optimal contact between material and anatomical reference points and will result in a precise fitting and ultra-rigid individual mask.

ExaFlex bolus is available in a variety of sizes in either 1 or 0.5cm thickness.

A perforated, 4-precut thermoplastic mask with L-Profiles attached.

Bolus material

ExaFlex bolus

ExaFlex is a flexible, homogeneous bolus material that conforms nicely to the patient anatomical contours. ExaFlex is made from a tissue-equivalent gel with a density of 1.03 g/cm. It is available in various sizes and thicknesses and can be cut with a pair of scissors to fit the patient’s contours.

  • ExaFlex can be build up in layers when required to obtain the desired build-up thickness.
  • ExaFlex is available in an easy to clean version with skin or a skinless version that will stick to the patients contours and allow stacking.
  • ExaFlex is calibrated with photon and electrons beams in the energy range of more than 1 MeV.
  • ExaFlex is 100% latex free.

Thermoplastic bolus

This low-temperature thermoplastic material is ideal for hard-to-bolus areas and any irregular surfaced anatomical features, softening in water and becoming mouldable. Physics attenuation is comparable to traditional petroleum-based bolus.

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